Versatile Powder Dragonfly #68


Dragonflies are considered by many cultures to be good luck, and that is exactly how you feel when you receive this unique vegan mineral powder. This complex but flattering color will complement all complexions in very different ways and is sure to inspire a variety of ideas, from more playful color schemes to sultry evening looks. This vegan mineral powder is a mellow purple darkened with hues of smokey midnight blue and features a soft sparkle. Use this vegan mineral powder as a light dusting to help anchor lighter blue and pink hues or blend it in the corners to give a smokey eye wicked dimension. Dark complexions especially may want to apply this vegan mineral powder wet, to bring out the stronger purple and beautiful metallic layers. This is also a great vegan mineral powder to apply as a liner with an angled brush as a darker but still colorful eyeliner.

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