Versatile Powder Soft Brown #43


This organic mineral powder is perfect for all ranges of complexions and a perfect addition to any look. Everyone needs a brown powder as a cornerstone to their make-up selection, and you are sure to find that this organic mineral powder will be your go-to brown. This is a creamy shade undercut with rich bronze and even shimmer that sparkles like gold flecks in the light. Wear this organic mineral powder on your eyelids all by itself to give depth to skin or blend it out with an array of darker and lighter colors for a beautiful dimension of color. Apply this organic mineral powder wet with an angled brush for a gentle brown eyeliner, or even apply it to your lips for a rich yet neutral lip color! Chocolate and dark complexions may also find Soft Brown to add a creamy highlight beneath eyes and on cheeks. Make sure to grab this versatile color for your collection!

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