Pomegranate Matte Lip Stix (Vegan) #165


One of our most flattering shades for any complexion, Pomegranate is a showstopper. This gluten-free lipstick is absolutely delicious and will summon visions that range from the fruit-stained lips of summer to the joyous reds of winter. This gluten-free lipstick is a sharp dark red that is softened by equally intense brown, reaching a nearly perfect but rich balance between the two colors. This matte is long-lasting and perfect if you are looking for a highly pigmented shade in between bright red and dark brown. This color is a true statement color and will especially complement darker and more dramatic make-up. On top of that, our gluten-free lipstick formula is safe for celiacs and others with gluten sensitivities, so everyone can benefit from this gorgeous matte lip stix.

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