Bulk Versatile Powder Karat Kick

Aptly named for its highly pigmented kick of color, this shade will launch your look across the field. Baltimore is an amazing city and Monave is proud to call it our home, and this is a color that truly honors a well-loved aspect of our city. Part of our Team Colors, this is an appropriate and highly pigmented color perfect to don for the big game! This is a darker alternative to #62 Light Gold and is a cooler golden shade that applies evenly and smoothly dry or wet. Use this highly pigmented shade on your eyes for a pop of gorgeous gold that will make them stand out or blend it in with Purple Punter or Violet Violation to really show your team spirit. You can top this highly pigmented powder over other colors for a bit of a gold kick, or dust it under eyes and on cheeks for a truly stunning highlighter.

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