Bulk Versatile Powder White Sparkle #61

Snowy slopes, walks under the stars, and magic – these are all concepts that will come to mind when you apply this enchanting mineral powder. Glitter doesn’t always get the best reputation, and it can be harmful to the environment, but you can confidently wear this beautiful White Sparkle created with child labor free mica and know that its all-natural properties won’t do any damage to the beauty of our earth. This white powder features the slightest hints of blue in its generous glittery application, and the child labor free mica will sparkle radiantly in the light. Apply this mineral powder to your eyes or dust it on cheeks, collar bones, or shoulders to give you an ethereal glow as if you’ve bathed in moonlight. We only use child labor free mica in our cosmetics, so you’ll look beautiful while knowing your make-up is ethical and cruelty-free.

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