Packaged Versatile Powder Tinkerbell #4

Sprinkle yourself with a little magic and pixie dust when you wear this eco-friendly mineral powder! The name for our favorite fairy is only appropriate for this color – warm and beautiful, but with a frosty, forthright sparkle. A lavender hue tinged with a gentle pink is the base for this eco-friendly mineral powder, but the real showstopper is the generous coating of silver sparkle that shines like the stars that will lead you to Neverland. Dust this powder on your eyes to apply the soft pink and snowy silver shimmer that is sure to turn heads. Apply wet to bring out the electric lavender in this shade and an even shine that is sure to brighten the heart of your inner child. This eco-friendly mineral powder is safe not only for your skin but for our faerie friends, who will more than approve of this delightful and youthful play on color.

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