Bulk Versatile Powder Khaki #42

If you want a color that will really bring out the beauty of your eyes in a variety of ways, our twist on khaki is exactly what you’re looking for. This eco-friendly mineral powder will bring out your outdoorsy spirit with the essence of nature in every layer. This is a true chameleon color – in the sun, the gorgeous forest green with sparkle that hints at gold is undercut with a blue hue, but the deep blue becomes more apparent in muted light. This eco-friendly mineral powder can be dusted on your eyes for a natural green, shimmery look, or it can be applied with a heavier hand in the creases or corners of your eyes to bring out a pigmented forest of color. Apply this eco-friendly powder wet to further bring out its rich green and sparkle or apply it with an angled brush for a deeply colored and yet unique eyeliner.

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