Bulk Versatile Powder Mermaid #89

Like treasure that has sunk to the deepest reaches of the sea, this beautiful mineral powder made with child labor free mica has continuous and unexpected depths. You’ll think of stunning ocean waves and seaweed reflecting in the sun every time you use this powder. A gorgeous pale green shade magnified with blue hues, this mineral powder is made even more lovely with the flecks of glimmer created by the use of child labor free mica. Brush this color onto your eyelids for a moody, natural look, or pair it with browns and golds that will truly crown you the princess of the sea. You can also apply this color wet with an angled brush to create a deep green eyeliner. We only use child labor free mica in our cosmetics so you’ll know the sparkle on your eyes is not only ethical, but it is also completely eco-friendly and will do no damage to the beautiful ocean that inspired this shade once you’ve washed it away for the night.

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