Bulk Versatile Powder Gold #31

You’ll feel like you’ve struck gold with this beautiful, shimmering mineral powder. This silky gold shade is enhanced with lush bronze, brown, and red hues and topped with a beautiful wash of child labor free mica which gives it a glorious shine. This pure gold color is versatile and perfect for any complexion and can be used in a variety of ways. Apply dry to your eyelids alone or with other colors to add a dimension of color or dress up one of our semi-matte colors with its gold tones and breathtaking shimmer from the child labor free mica we use in all our products. This mineral powder would also be a beautiful highlighter or illuminizer on all complexions. Apply wet to eyes or lips to bring out this gold’s pinker undertones and a more even application of the child labor free mica to give this vibrant color a thorough, regal shine.

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