Bulk Versatile Powder Semi-Matte Bronze #51m

This cool metallic vegan mineral powder is a perfect semi-matte alternative to our #31 Gold shimmer. Mellow wafts of brown and gold interweave in a perfect balance, accentuated with a whisper of red that gives this vegan mineral powder a true bronze shade. If our shimmering gold vegan mineral powders are not neutral enough for you, this shade is going to be exactly what you’re looking for. This is a classic color that is perfect to wear on its own day-to-day. You can pair it with another semi-matte vegan mineral powder for a more moderate make-up look, or you can use this shade as a base to play up the colors in other shimmery powders. Dust a layer of #61 White Sparkle over this shadow to bring out the golden hues and a frosty sheen, or blend with pigmented browns and reds for a truly unique sunset of colors! You’ll love this versatility this semi-matte has to offer.

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